Our drive is to change the world

If you feel the need to increase the efficiency of last mile/click & collect parcel delivery, then you are just in the
right company. We develop the most innovative solutions in the world.

Who are we?

Cleveron is the innovation leader in creating robotics-based parcel terminals and developing last mile click and collect pickup solutions for retail and logistics sectors. Our product range goes from automated smart lockers, like Cleveron 301 and 302,
to world’s first fully functional parcel robot Cleveron 401 and world’s biggest robotics-based parcel terminal Cleveron 402.

We are a rapidly growing technology company with innovation at its core. Our products offer unique solutions to challenges retailers and logistics companies face due to growing e-commerce and parcel volumes, but no matter how complex our robots may be inside, they are always easy to use for the end-customer, always providing positive emotions.

Our drive is to help people save time – a resource that is becoming more and more valuable for everyone, consumers and businesses alike. We are creating the world’s most innovative, robotics-based click and collect parcel delivery solutions to help you manage your time and financial resources optimally. Our keywords are innovation, efficiency, simplicity and positive experiences.

We strive to create solutions you don’t even know you need yet, but when you do realise you’re facing a challenge, we already have the perfect answer.

How it all began?

Cleveron was created based on the insight that consumers and businesses need more efficient last mile logistical solutions.

In 2000, the owners of today's Cleveron started a furniture retailer ON24. The idea at the time was revolutionary – the customers could shop for furniture online and have it sent to their homes. In 2009, ON24 was the largest furniture retailer in Estonia, and it is the sector’s leader to this day.

Cooperation with different logistical partners proved to be challenging. They were inefficient, monopolistic and the consumers were often disappointed with their service, which in turn reflected on ON24. In 2006, the store created their own logistical department, which grew into a logistics company SmartPOST. More importantly, we started to develop our unique click and collect solutions, creating hardware and software for automated parcel terminals. In 2007, the name Cleveron was registered.

In 2009, our SmartPOST parcel terminal network-based delivery service was declared the Logistics Deed of the Year in Estonia. In 2010, the network and the brand name SmartPost were sold to Finnish national post operator Itella Corporation. Cleveron's owners decided to focus solely on creating the innovative click and collect solutions which would change the logistical sector and make everyday lives simpler for everyone.

What do we do?

Product design

Our product development starts with product design. For us, great user experience and the sophisticated appearance of our solutions go hand-in-hand

Hardware engineering

Our team looks for solutions to various engineering problems by using 3D modelling and testing laboratory

Software development

The IT team brings our parcel terminals to life and ensures a flawless service for all users

Assembly & installation

Experienced technicians assemble and install our parcel terminals

Repair & maintanance

Repair and maintanace specialists ensure our terminals work flawlessly 24/7


We offer a factory warranty to all of our products

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